Global kOS was formed at the begining of March 1996 to supply the demand for a truly World Class Hacking Cartel. The group consists of 20 members who effectively span the globe, making it active, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year...hence you will no longer be able to sleep peacefully at night. Our aim is world domination, and we will single Government can control us, as what's illegal in one country is legal in another. U.S. Export restrictions will no longer apply, as we can create the software in any of the member countries, therefore by-passing any restrictions. No wonder the U.S. Government is worried. We say 'Up Yours' to censorship, and we'll publish what we want, so sit back and relax. In the near future, if you don't have the correct passwords, you'll be out of luck, as most of this site will eventually be encrypted. You have been warned.
Acid Angel
He's the security expert.
The Assassin
The name says it all,
glitch a.k.a. gLiTCh
The Raven

"Caw, Caw, Bang! Your dead!
The Shadow Hunter
Becareful hes not your shadow!
Silicon Toad
Be weary of his "Persistence of the Unforeseen"
he'll kick your ass if you say shit so stay away.
That Guy
Famous for crashing servers out in Colorado.
He's the youngest member of the group.

Info on KoS recieved by Nacho man